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Knights Energy is all about professional solar solutions. We are a leader in designing of renewable energy solution in the region for NGOs, commercial organizations and for homeowners. We are committed to providing alternative solutions of the highest standards and also address the energy cost factor. We have invested many resources and brainpower to achieve these goals. We aim at dispelling over-reliance on expensive and unreliable mainstream energy sources. We also strive to achieve PV use in daily domestic power generation.

The company is owned by Knights and Apps Ltd, which has been a successful business partner in ICT with many organization in designing, installation, and maintaining of ICT and disaster recovery solutions. In a bid to add value to Knights and Apps Ltd range of products, the Managing Director Mr. Francis Romano, investigated methods of incorporating a complete energy in-dependency to an organization’s investment. This led to the establishment of the sister company Knights Energy. Knights and Apps Ltd is one of the Kenya’s most versatile, locally owned, ICT and Renewable Energy Solutions firms. It has a wide coverage of Kenya and the East Africa Region. The firm serves its long-term Objective of being a one-stop-solution provider for all your Home, Office and Industrial solutions.

Our Value Proposition

Most energy consumers have aggressive cost reduction initiatives as well as sustainable goals for their utility budgets. – Utility energy purchases and fuel costs. Knights Energy, brings a unique value proposition focusing on the niche energy/Transport and environment/ and related cost reduction and sustainable solutions. We have variable experience in renewable energy; energy management and Electric mobility to help lower costs for our customers and help organizations meet their sustainable goals. Our expertise covers Energy generation, energy management and electric mobility which leads to generation, consumption monitoring and reporting on energy usage and efficiency.

Due to greater financial pressures on manufacturers and climate changes goals, reducing the environmental footprint of industrial operations has become more important than ever. It is no longer acceptable to attain sufficient profitability without continuous efforts to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Knights Energy helps companies who have changed strategies and are now becoming “greener” focusing on a more efficient use of resources. Our experts begin by reviewing energy and fuel consumptions to identify cost savings and target processing areas where resource conservation opportunities exist.

Our initial value-addition cost reduction solutions are turn-key and performance based. Our unique consulting services in the areas. Energy have saved millions for our clients.

Where We've Been

Our core values make us the best at what we do. We assist our clients in achieving their goals of cost stability, energy independence, and environmental stewardship

With a top of the class team, we have built a long list of clients (both in the commercial and residential sectors) who cover a wide geographical scope, in and out of the country; some of whom you can see on the map on the right.

On the section below, you will see the project details of our previous clients, as well as image results of what we achieved.

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“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.”

    A Successful training Consultant with a 15 years’ experience in corporate training and business Development consultancy. He is the co-founder of Knights and apps Ltd and a current Managing director. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology from the Urbaniana University of Rome and is a certified Microsoft ICT engineer Romano is an ardent proponent of use of renewable energy, environmental management and energy efficiency and management with emphasis on practical ways of investment in energy.


    Japheth is profoundly and directly involved in the renewable energy industry. His extensive knowledge of renewable energy coupled with eMobility transition passion makes his the perfect addition to the Drivelectric team. Her extensive network and strong relationships with international developers position his perfectly within this rapidly developing industry. Japheth is a skilled and proven negotiator with a creative involvement in all aspects of Drivelectric.



    Arguably one of the most diligent and inquisitive minds at Knights Energy. He is an Electrical Engineer with 2 years' experience and has gained extensive experience in Renewable Energy Technologies and is key in the development of Eco-Hubs towards the Transformation of Energy in Transport.





    Felix is Renewable Energy enthusiast with a passion in the development and adoption of renewable and sustainable energy solutions. He has 2 years of extensive experience in Research, social media relations and project development. He has helped inform the development of Electrical Mobility standards in Kenya.




Our Clients


Knights Energy were very professional & Efficient during solar system installation. We have not had a problem with it at all and maintenance is always done timely.

testimonail Francis Romano

Knights Energy were very professional & Efficient during solar system installation. We have not had a problem with it at all and maintenance is always done timely.

testimonail Francis Romano

Knights Energy were very professional & Efficient during solar system installation. We have not had a problem with it at all and maintenance is always done timely.

testimonail Francis Romano


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