Subcontracted works in collaborations with our partners.


-A 40kWp grid tied project along Mombasa Road Nairobi. It has 126 solar modules (320W Hanwa solar panel HSL72P6-PC-1-320. We integrated a lower roof with 48 panels and the upper roof has 78 panels. These panels were stringed in a total of five strings, 2 strings carrying 24 panels and 3 strings carrying 26 panels each.

The 126 panels were stringed through the solar edge power optimizers and cabled, through DC junction boxes, to the power room and connected to the two inverters. Two solar inverters- Solar Edge 25000W and Solar Edge 15000W. The two inverters allow for on-site monitoring of the power plant. They have inbuilt sensors and transmitters that receive data from the optimizers to the SolarEdge online performance monitoring platform.

- 122kWp solar PV Power plant, located along Maasai Road, Off Mombasa Road.  A total of 382 panels were roof-mounted and carried by a 16 strings. 11 strings were cables to the first power room to provide 85kW while 5 strings were cables to the second power room to provide 37kW.

6 SolarEdge inverters were installed in the power rooms. The system was commissioned on 4th April 2018. A router was installed at site to enable data transmission from the inverters to the SolarEdge inline monitoring platforms.

The 150.8kWp solar PV plant is located in Nakuru. System was commissioned on 22.12. 2017. A network switch was installed to enable the communication between the smart energy meter, the meteo-control and the internet link. The site has an ambient temperature sensor, and has provisions for an irradiation sensor and a module temperature sensor.