Mani Projects


MANI projects carries a pivotal aim of improving the maternal health of mothers and their newborn babies across rural Kenya. The high maternal deaths within rural Kenya are highly attributed to poor and inaccessible health care. Many hospitals within rural Kenya run without power for days, and a huge percentage of these medical facilities are not even connected to the national grid, forcing the patients and their doctors to rely on natural light to run the most critical health operations. At night, these facilities run on kerosene lamps, whose effects end up being catastrophic. MANI contracted Knight and Apps LTD to address these challenge, with the primary aim of improving the health care systems of Bungoma County.  We installed off-grid solar power plants with battery storage in 30 health centers across the county. The power harvested from these plans was prioritized to meet the power demands for the maternity wings for these health sectors. More so, solar water heating technologies were installed in over ten health facilities to provide hot bathing for delivering mothers and their new born babies.

The clients received user education to secure an improved operation of the plants and monitoring of these systems guarantee optimal diagnosis and quick resolution for the power plants.