Solar Energy

Our Eco Smart Home System ensures that the solar power you produce is used in the best possible way and – as an option – stored. You can cover an especially large portion of your energy needs and gain greater independence, for example from rising energy costs.

Besides offering great financial benefits improved energy efficiency and greater independence from rising electricity rates, a Smart Home also provides homeowners with a completely transparent energy budget. This transparency also facilitates the more conscientious use of energy and helps to reduce total energy consumption.

Why an Eco Smart Home System?

  1.  You become more independent from rising electricity prices
  2.  You produce your own environmentally friendly and inexpensive solar power
  3. You have an overview of your household power consumption at all times and can see where you can save
  4.  You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or a reliable energy supply
  5. You benefit from automatic control features that take into account your individual needs
  6. You use a future-proof technology that is ready for varied electricity tariffs and the impending smart grid.

This system uses intelligent planning and control including storage systems for optimal load distribution. It also visualizes the entire energy budget allowing owner-operators to have a detailed overview of their installation