Solar Water Pumping System

Knights Energy water pumping

Our Solar Water Pumping System/Waterbox is specially designed for water supply and irrigation especially in remote areas where no reliable electricity supply is available.  It is a complete “Plug & Play” solution for the simplest installation of a solar borehole pumping system: the smart solution to enable any user to create a solar water pumping system anywhere this may be required.

How it works

The System can extract water from a borehole, lake, and river. It is based on a photovoltaic solar system for the extraction of water. The sun creates the energy needed for the pump to function. The system extracts water from underground wells and brings it to the surface.

Why is it easy?

All the parts are already pre-assembled and the WATERBOX contains all detailed, illustrated instructions to guide the installer through the process with ease.

High-quality components!

The pump: the heart

The pump is a multisource submersible, all in one pump. The pumping unit includes the centrifugal pump, the motor, and the inverter. Each component of the pumping unit has been developed for ease of use and absolute minimum maintenance requirements:

  1. Only stainless steel AISI 304 for maximum durability
  2. Water rotor motor conceived with respect for the environment
  3. Built-in inverter for a maintenance free system even in situations of temperature fluctuations
  4. Only one cable for both DC and AC power supply
  5. High water flow performance ratio

Photovoltaic modules: the engine

  1. Designed specifically for pumps. We developed and made solar modules with the right output voltage and current to work in perfect harmony with our multisource pumps.
  2. Strong alloy profiles for high mechanical resistance and 4 mm tempered shock resistant glass.
  3. Dimensions and weight designed for easy transport in any van or pickup

Tree mounting system: the idea

A patented free-standing design to mount the PV modules with just a hammer. No need for any machinery, special tools or any special ballast against high winds. We just observed nature! And fixing our structure in the same way a tree fixes itself: with the roots. The mounting systems can withstand wind speeds of up to 160 km/h and it can be fully assembled by one person in less than 2 hours.

Forget the tools!

Inside the WATERBOX you will find all the tools and accessories necessary to assemble the system:

  1. DC cables
  2. IP65 switch with supplementary input for existing AC generators (if any) with double outlet
  3. Clean, contaminants free cable certified for drinking water uses
  4. Waterproofing connection kit
  5. Fast DC and AC connector
  6. Polyester cable to lower the pump into the well
  7. Toolkit with hammer, keys, screwdrivers

How to choose the WATERBOX

For a correct choice of the Waterbox, you should check the prevalence and the amount of water needed to extract


Reducing costs and increasing the stability of water access are just two of the many benefits this system has.