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Eco-Hub Concept
Fostering the Growth of Solar Energy Market
Revolutionizing Transport Sector
and Achieving Energy Security

We are proud to be pioneering the ECO-HUB CONCEPT that is truly revolutionizing the transport sector. Whether it is reducing maintenance costs, realizing huge fuel savings or meeting sustainability goals, it is clear that electric vehicles are a better choice for business and this concept is at the heart of that agenda. The Eco-Hub Concept involves the development of an integrated electro mobility ecosystem powered by solar. This is a sustainable business model that can be implemented across various transport models resulting in a magnitude of energy and cost saving as well as environmental benefits.

Small Office Home Eco-Hub

Personal EVs can be charged using this hub at Home or at the office. Surplus energy can offset costs at the location of the hub – as is for Knights Energy Karen Branch business case.

Eco-hub for Electric Vehicles

In public transport in the city to reduce emissions due the rapid growth of 2 to 3 wheelers in public transport. Excess energy can be used to charge spare batteries

Institutional Eco-Hub

Located in an institutional setup with mass transport using electric busses or large organizations with staff busses such as schools and factories

Commercial Eco-Hub

Centrally located in a facility with a large number of personnel using EVs.
Our Eco-Hub Concept Benefits
Knights Energy - ECOHUB CONCEPT

Eco hub Benefits
for a business
1. Low energy costs leading to low Opex and improved bottom line

2. Brand recognition as a clean energy and environmentally friendly
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Flexible ownership models
1. Leasing: Access cheapest electricity prices for 4 or more years
and free electricity there after

2. Buy out: cheap electricity buy out option with a payback period
of five years or less

The success rate of e-mobility is intrinsically linked to smart grid development as the charging infrastructure is a precondition for large scale adoption of electric vehicles. Smart grids will form the backbone of this future power system, enhancing energy efficiency and security.

These upgraded electricity networks with intelligent metering and monitoring capacities as well as a two-way digital communication between supplier and consumer should predict and intelligently respond to the behavior and actions of all users connected to them, resulting in the efficient delivery of reliable, economic, and sustainable electricity services.

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