Surveillance Installation
Use of Solar Powered CCTV Cameras To Monitor Construction Sites For Safety, Quality & Assurance

Delivering a quality construction project on time, on budget, and ensuring people and the community are safe does not happen by accident. Monitoring construction sites with cameras and sensing devices, equipped with deterrence systems as needed, substantially reduces onsite theft, vandalism and disruption as well as providing a platform for improving productivity and managing occupational health and safety (OH&S) hazards.
Your security needs shouldn't compromise in front of geographically challenging environments and that's where the solar security cameras come in.

A solar-powered security camera can be used to monitor the off-grid places or remote areas where running cables would be impossible or overly expensive, such as construction sites, barns, farms, rural houses, etc
Solar security cameras, or solar panel security cameras, use the solar panel to get power and require no electric sources or cablings. By utilizing solar power, you can get the best from natural resources to charge and run the solar-powered security cameras systems, without subscription charges or monthly fees. Normally, a self-sufficient wireless solar security camera system is sold in bundles, including a solar panel and a solar security camera with rechargeable batteries. Or you can also buy a DIY solar powered security camera and use a solar panel to power your camera.

Knights Energy Specialized Solar Powered Cameras Services; Monitor your Construction Site Remotely

Our Systems provides time-lapse and job site security cameras that deliver quality, ruggedness, and extreme ease of use. Our construction cameras can be installed and put online in minutes as they are 100% solar-powered. Each wire-free camera includes integrated, patented cellular and WiFi connectivity. We also avail web-based user interface, which means you can access your cameras from any PC or mobile device via web browser – with no software to purchase or install.

Our Services
Construction Surveillance monitoring:
We Install and connect the customer to observe the construction process anywhere. On home office or Mobile device. With backup and voice command enabled. On demand.
HSEQ and site management and reporting:
Onsite and offsite monitoring of HSEQ aspects of a project and reporting on agreed aspects. On demand
KNIGHTS ENERGY - Facility surveillance, management and reporting
Step Three:
Facility surveillance, management and reporting:
CCTV onsite monitoring and reporting
KNIGHTS ENERGY Surveillance data archiving and event analysis and reporting
Step Four:
Surveillance data archiving and event analysis and reporting:
Record, archive and retrieve for analysis all surveillance data as and when required - On demand and continuous.
KNIGHTS ENERGY - CCTV Installation and O&M
Step Three:
CCTV Installation and O&M:
Design and installation of CCTV systems – On demand
Step Four:
Offsite Data backup:
Backup of critical surveillance data offsite - Continuous
Benefits of Solar Powered Security Cameras
A solar-powered security camera requires no cables and power grid to work, so it can be used in various surveillance applications, such as remote sites or geographically challenging environments.
The DIY solar powered wireless security cameras are fast to install in any locations you desire, as you don't need to run any messy cables or drill roles, which is quite a cost-effective security option. Better yet, you can easily move your solar security cameras when a project advances or completes, such as the construction and then take your solar IP cameras to a new site.
Powered by the renewable sunlight, the solar powered security cameras won't destroy the environment or cause any pollution as the waste and disposable batteries do. What's more, creating an infrastructure to support traditional surveillance systems can be disruptive. Solar-powered surveillance cameras require no infrastructure and can allow such areas as wetlands to be preserved.
As mentioned earlier, the solar-powered wireless security IP cameras can be powered by the rechargeable batteries at night when sunlight is not available. And the WiFi solar security cameras of select brands are packed with starlight sensors that can provide brilliant color night vision with movement sensors - a big leap compared with other security cameras.
The solar-powered security cameras also come as a flexible and scalable solution if you would like to add 2 or 3 more cameras later. In virtue of the security camera viewer, you can also watch live viewing of multiple solar IP cameras simultaneously on your smartphone.
Most manufacturers of solar panels offer a 25- year standard warranty, which means the solar panel for security cameras can still produce no less than 80% power after 25 years and it also requires little maintenance.
Save Money, Save The Environment!
Let’s Build a Greener Eco-friendly Environment

Our Solar business now provides the preferred channel to market for some of the world’s leading PV manufacturers and our solar professionals work jointly with partners on enhancing product features, lowering lead times and improving cash flow.

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