Operation and Maintenance
Designed for water supply and irrigation.

Knights Energy carry out regular maintenance/inspection of the entire PV system. This includes both
regular and irregular site visits and 24/7 remote online monitoring to ensure the peak efficiency of the
plant is attained as per required standards.

The Operation and Maintenance services
Operation and Maintenance
• Panel Cleaning
• Vegetation Management
• Water Drainage
• Retro-Commissioning- Plant tests such as IV-Curves
• Upkeep of Data Acquisition and Monitoring Systems
• Upkeep of Power Generation Systems (Inverter Servicing, BOS Inspection, Electrical systems)
Corrective/ Reactive Maintenance
• On-site Monitoring and Mitigation
• Critical Reactive Repair
KNIGHTS ENERGY O&M IMAGE Condition-Based Maintenance
Condition-Based Maintenance
• Active Plant Monitoring to include Remote Monitoring
• Warranty Enforcement (Planned and Unplanned)
• Equipment Replacement (Planned and Unplanned)
General Trouble-shooting, Repairs and Customer Service
Solar PV Plant Operation And Maintenance Schedule
Knights Energy will provide remote monitoring of solar system operations on the Sunny Portal Website
and track changes and respond to power outages within three business days. This includes the services
outlined below:
24 hours / 7 days per week Online Remote System Monitoring
On-Call System Service Technician On request
Electrical Inspection Three times a Year
On an annual basis the SMA monitoring equipment will be tested by Knights Energy to verify that it is
operating as intended.
1. Any installation of additional monitoring equipment added if site conditions change for reasons
beyond Knights Energy's specifically, interference caused by any additions or repairs to the premises
after the start of the term.

2. Parts or equipment that was not specified in the Master Engineering, Procurement and Construction
Agreement entered into by the Parties, and installed by Knights Energy.

3. In the event that any manufacturer of materials, equipment or similar items relating to the System is
not able or willing to honor its product warranty, Knights and Apps shall not be responsible for the costs
of any
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Operation and Maintenance

Construction monitoring and Charging

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