Solar Water Pumping Systems
Designed for water supply and irrigation.

What happens when you live in a developing country and need water to irrigate your crops, but you don’t have access to the energy required to reach it? You can’t simply flip a switch that’s connected to a power grid. This is when harnessing the sun’s energy for use as solar power can be life-changing.

Access to a safe, sustainable water supply is a growing concern in every region of the world. In many communities, groundwater is being pumped by diesel fueled systems, which are both expensive and can be difficult to maintain. In communities where electricity is scarce, solar can be a part of the solution.

Our Solar Water Pumping System/Waterbox is specially designed for water supply and irrigation especially in remote areas where no reliable electricity supply is available. It is a complete “Plug & Play” solution for the simplest installation of a solar borehole pumping system: the smart solution to enable any user to create a solar water pumping system anywhere this may be required. The System can extract water from a borehole, lake, and river. It is based on a photovoltaic solar system for the extraction of water.

What You Need To Know
Valuable Energy
How It Works
Solar water pumping is based on PV technology that converts sunlight into electricity to pump water. The PV panels are connected to a motor (DC or AC) which converts electrical energy supplied by the PV panel into mechanical energy which is converted to hydraulic energy by the pump.
Accessible To All
This is a dependable system in areas where water resources are limited and spread over long distances with no access to the power grid or fuel and maintenance costs are considerable. Therefore we use solar pumps to pump water for domestic, livestock and crop irrigation .

Without solar-powered water pumps, many communities in developing countries need to rely on rainfall and inaccessible water sources. This lack of reliable water can limit harvesting to just twice each year. People are also forced to get their energy from unclean, toxic fuels that harm the environment and community members. Farmers need to rely on labor-intensive ropes and buckets or expensive diesel or petrol-based water pumping systems to irrigate their crops. Solar-powered water pumps have many benefits. They are:

Zero Fuel Costs
Solar water pumps are powered by solar panels. Once you have the panel, all the energy you need comes from the sun and is completely free! They also provide a reliable water source because it doesn’t require electricity.
Useful in Remote Areas
Since the sun provides the energy, an external power source isn’t necessary, which means a solar-powered water pump will work in remote places and areas without access to a power grid.
Easy To Maintain
Solar water pumps have few mechanical parts, which lessens the chances of components needing repairs. You might be able to handle some of the maintenance tasks on your own, but others may require a qualified technician.
Solar-powered water pump system components
Also called the solar photovoltaic (PV) system, solar panels take the sun’s photons and convert them into electricity.
Water pumps run on AC electrical current, so the inverter converts the electricity from the original DC to usable AC.
Pipes will transport water from the original source to wherever it needs to go; a purification system, a holding tank, etc.
The water pumping system will often include a water tank to store water that may be used when sunshine isn’t available.
The controllers regulate the water pump and allow it to be turned on and off. They can increase the life of the water pump by protecting it from electrical irregularities or motor damage if it keeps running when a water source runs dry. Controllers also maximize water delivery.
Save Money, Save The Environment!
Let’s Build a Greener Eco-friendly Environment

Our Solar business now provides the preferred channel to market for some of the world’s leading PV manufacturers and our solar professionals work jointly with partners on enhancing product features, lowering lead times and improving cash flow.

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