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The electric mobility option for transport has picked pace globally, and within our nation, the awareness levels get higher and higher. Leading car manufacturers made big announcements on Electric Vehicle development.

The electric mobility option for transport has picked pace globally, and within our nation, the awareness levels get higher and higher. Leading car manufacturers made big announcements on EV development. Toyota announced its plans to electrify the entire car production line by 2025, General Motors intends to release 20 new EV models by 2023, and Volvo maintained that all models made after 2019 will be either all-electric or hybrid cars. Additionally, leading economies are also inclined to phasing out petrol/diesel cars from their roads through legislative measures. Among the existing EV makers, competition is unsettling and global standards of charging the EVs are advocated for to ensure inclusivity.

On the corporate acquisitions, the big players in energy have invested in EV start-ups and EVSE. Most of the start-ups are on DC charging stations and on varied smart-grid EV charging technologies. The continued influx on developments of charging stations across major cities can support vehicle charging load, making it possible for energy generators to balance with the grid, and the drivers to optimize the charging process using renewables or using the lowest prices for electricity. Over the next few years, there will be more combined options for greater acceleration of the EV expansion, and also a demand that will stimulate a drop in the battery prices.

However, there is limited time set to meet these global numbers for the EVs on the road. It will take an upgrade of the existing electrical grid infrastructure, adjusting business models and installation of immense charging stations to meet the aforementioned demand.

For the year 2018, the following are highly anticipated trends to move electro-mobility to the next unlimited level;

The Explosion Of EV Models And A Surge In Sales For EVs

A high number of automakers have revealed intentions to release new EVs to the market and produce more updates on the existing models. The full auto-mobile industry is embracing electro-mobility to range from electric cars, electric bicycles, mopeds, electric motorbikes, testing of electric planes among many others. Long range SUV models are emerging from automakers to compensate for the limited range from the previous releases.

Utility Programs To Support EV Uptake

With increased energy consumption within the EVs, there is inevitably a demand for energy to the world’s grids. Therefore, the utility companies will need to meet these power demands without investing further in fossil fuel generating plants. Hence, employing new programs will be evident for the year 2018, which will be based primarily on smart-grid charging systems. These systems will allow remote managing and aggregating the charging loads of the electric vehicles over time, limit and eliminate the need for fossil fuel generation plants and optimize the utilization of renewable energy sources.

Utilities Will Leverage EVs As Grid Assets

Utilities will most likely roll out rewarding programs to EV owners in an effort to encourage best practice on charging and utilizing the power availed by the utility. These reward programs will appreciate electric vehicles as virtual power plants and storage options as they manage the demand of power to all consumers. The utilities will leverage electric vehicles with overwhelming technology to prevent additional resources needed to invest in unnecessary grid infrastructure.

More Ban On Fossil Fuel-Powered Vehicles

Global economies are at the forefront of phasing out EVs within the next 20-25 years. This is in accordance to the global agreements made to limit the level of greenhouse emissions.

High Tech Vehicles And Multiple Branding Benefits

From the instant torque to the autonomous driving in electric vehicles, digital controls and integrating internet of things in the motoring experience guarantee a new driving culture that yields precision. Major electric car makers are constantly improving on their former releases and the competition makes the end product better for an EV owner. Data collection will be an integral part of the EV development. Automakers are focusing on the finer details to awe new drivers and lure them to buying EVs as their first and primary cars.

EVs present a new dimension of branding that allows the user to address the sensitive climate change issues, energy security, and price. As such, the branding focus of EVs will merge a new field of mobility adding up even more benefits to the owners and users of EVs. The brand recognition will work perfectly for companies with a vision of changing the societies they work for, it is a trend for companies focusing on sustainable development, environmental protection, energy management and conservation to command more attention than the traditional companies.

Such predictions may vary in the scale of operation and even though they might be limited to certain geographical locations, they serve a pivotal role in stepping up the global high mass roll-out of electric vehicles.

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